Wine Judge Certification 24 (online, exam in-person)

AWS members are invited to enroll for the AWS Wine Judge Certification program, taken over three years as follows:

  • Year 1: Essentials of Wine Evaluation—includes vocabulary, components, appearance, aroma, flavors, taste, texture, balance, flaws, as well as objective evaluation and scoring.
  • Year 2: Factors Affecting Wine Quality and Variety Identification—includes the influence of viticultural (grape growing) and enological (winemaking) practices, variety characterization and identification, wine styles, wine components and flaws, and objective evaluation and scoring.
  • Year 3: Judging of Wine Styles—includes classes and types of wines, blending, judging environment, wine components, wine competitions, and objective evaluation and scoring.

Registration opened in February. Tasting and practice meetings are held monthly via Zoom.
Visit for all the details.