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American Wine Society Welcome Here

The American Wine Society Welcome Here program is a partnership between the American Wine Society’s 7,000+ wine enthusiasts and wineries/wine businesses around the country. Wineries and wine businesses participate for free and simply display the American Wine Society Welcome Here logo, acknowledge visitors’ American Wine Society membership and greet them with a smile. Wineries are encouraged, but not required, to offer American Wine Society members discounts, free or premium tastings or other benefits.

  1. Winery/business will display its American Wine Society Welcome Here decal.
  2. Members will present a current membership card.
  3. Winery may offer American Wine Society member discounts if it so chooses.

In return, American Wine Society members should:,

  1. Present your current membership card.
  2. Be courteous, curious representatives of American Wine Society.
  3. Thank the winery for being Welcome Here participants.
  4. Tell your wine-loving friends via word of mouth and social media.
  5. BUY WINE!

Members can view a list of participating wineries.

Wineries/Wine Businesses, please register to be an American Wine Society Welcome Here participant.


What is the American Wine Society Welcome Here program?

The American Wine Society Welcome Here program is a partnership between the American Wine Society’s 7,000 + members and wineries, wine stores and restaurants around the country.

What are the benefits to wineries, wine stores and restaurants?

Wineries and wine-related businesses have more opportunities to connect with our enthusiastic members.

  • Over 55% of our members travel to visit wine regions at least once a year
  • Nearly 75% of our members purchase 5 cases or more of wine per year
  • They aren’t just customers; they actively participate in wine culture and crave knowledge and winery experiences

What will American Wine Society do for winery/business participants?

Acknowledge your participation on our social media

  • You’ll be listed on our “American Wine Society Welcome Here” webpage
  • Announce your participation in our American Wine Society Welcome Here newsletter
  • Each newsletter includes a “Focus On” wine region spotlighting American Wine Society Welcome Here wineries and listing other participants in the region
  • Offer opportunities to work with local American Wine Society chapters on future tastings and events

Is there a cost to participate?

There is never a cost for wineries or wine businesses to participate in the program.

What are the benefits to American Wine Society members?

Members are welcomed by winery participants and acknowledged for their commitment to enjoying and collecting wines.

  • Members may receive program and/or merchandise discounts at wineries and businesses that choose to offer them

Will wineries offer discounts?

Many wineries offer substantial discounts on wine purchases, free tastings, premium tastings and other VIP treatment. However, discounts are not required.

Why do I have to show my American Wine Society membership card?

Wineries must know that any discounts or special offers are given to current American Wine Society members. You can print a copy of your current membership card from your American Wine Society account.

How will I find participating wineries/wine businesses?

See the list of current Welcome Here participants. You can also look/ask at wineries for the American Wine Society Welcome Here decal.

Where are decals displayed?

Wineries can choose where to display the decal. We suggest a door or window, but any highly visible location is acceptable. The decals are two sided, for easy viewing on a window. They are easily removable so can be relocated.

What if a winery is not participating?

American Wine Society members should encourage wineries/wine businesses to sign up. It’s free. Send them to the Welcome Here registration or have them contact welcomehere@americanwinesociety.org for additional information.

Can I sign up a winery or business?

Wine businesses must voluntarily sign themselves up. But American Wine Society members can facilitate joining. Talk to them about the program, provide the Welcome Here registration page address or connect them to us at welcomehere@americanwinesociety.org.

What if a participating winery doesn’t acknowledge my American Wine Society membership?

Sometimes winery staff is not up to speed. If the decal is displayed, respectfully point it out and explain what American Wine Society is. Remember, winery participation is voluntary, and no discounts are required. If you really would like to speak to someone familiar with American Wine Society, you could ask for a manager or owner. You can also report your experience back to us at welcomehere@americanwinesociety.org.

What if a winery or wine business listed in the directory is not displaying the American Wine Society welcome here decal?

Please let us know at welcomehere@americanwinesociety.org, and we will follow up with the winery.

Whom do I contact for more information or to provide feedback?

Contact us with questions or comments at welcomehere@americanwinesociety.org. We can’t improve if we don’t hear from you!