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AWS Certified Wine Judges

AWS Certified Wine Judges

Need an AWS Certified Judge for your Wine Competition?

The American Wine Society Wine Judge Certification Program (WJCP) is the only program of its kind. Each Certified Judge must pass a comprehensive exam that evaluates their ability to properly taste and score all wine types; Vinifera, Native American and French-American Hybrid grapes as well as fruit and other types of non-grape wines. Certified Judges must re-qualify every five years in order to ensure their palates and skills are still at a level high enough to be certified by AWS.

AWS Certified Judges are available to judge in any recognized amateur or commercial wine competition. Using these judges adds credibility to your event since entrants know their wines will receive accurate and fair evaluation by highly skilled judges. If you would like to inquire about any Certified Judges please contact the AWS National Office at We will put you in contact with the judge or judges you are interested in and provide any additional information you need to understand the benefit of using AWS Certified Judges.


Last Name First Name State
Baltar Catherine AL
Montgomery Scott AL
Norris Kevin AL
Zapata Jaime AL
Bileti Jay AZ
Lindeque Bennie CO
St. Pierre Barry CT
Coville-Cook Susan FL
Nettles Donnie FL
Nettles Betty FL
Spoehnle Cindy FL
Sproehnle Jack FL
Diehl Mark GA
Diehl Sandi GA
Webb Kathy GA
Schlachter Mel IA
Jackson Larry IL
Williams Vincent IL
Jaeger Laurie IN
Wigle William IN
Hackett Carole KY
Peake Rachael KY
Blake Michael MA
Kaish Richard MA
Landino Charles MA
Mary Adams MA
Paparella Joseph MA
Paparella Ricochet (Rikki) MA
Phillips Eleanor MA
Reed Don MA
Toedt Amy MA
Franklin Charles MD
Slick Nancy MD
Sui Aiping (Peter) MD
Rouse Gordon MN
Mandel Aaron MO
Caruso David NC
Duralia Jane NC
Fish William NC
McDavid Scheryl NC
Natalie Ron NC
Weeks (Cockrell) Brenda NC
Feldhake Eric NJ
Kervyn Sharyn NJ
Martinez Angelo NJ
Tonacci Paul NJ
Marsden Richard NM
Allen Rick NY
Cusker Rick NY
DeGaglia JoAnn NY
Frank Meaghan NY
Hems Lorraine NY
Kelly Judy NY
Madill Bob NY
Morse Anne Marie NY
Stabins Jeffrey NY
Leckerc Anick OH
Casler-Kraft Kristin PA
Dautlick Joe PA
Fisher Donna PA
Fisher Jeff PA
Gorze Jeffrey PA
Kaneshiki Lois PA
Ostrowski Kevin PA
Riggle Ivan PA
Zanella Paul PA
Jelovsek Rick TN
Jelovsek Sandy TN
Bambling Rex VA
Barber Dave VA
Bartlett Melissa VA
Crafts Jennifer VA
Fritze Michael VA
Garay Robert VA
Hardiman Tara VA
Rachele Walt VA
Valas Pat VA
Wassenberg Michael VA
Stacey Leanne WA
Swanson Dawne WA
White Lynn WI


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