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AWS Certified Wine Judges

AWS Certified Wine Judges

Need an AWS Certified Judge for your Wine Competition?

The American Wine Society Wine Judge Certification Program (WJCP) is the only program of its kind. Each Certified Judge must pass a comprehensive exam that evaluates their ability to properly taste and score all wine types; Vinifera, Native American and French-American Hybrid grapes as well as fruit and other types of non-grape wines. Certified Judges must re-qualify every five years in order to ensure their palates and skills are still at a level high enough to be certified by AWS.

AWS Certified Judges are available to judge in any recognized amateur or commercial wine competition. Using these judges adds credibility to your event since entrants know their wines will receive accurate and fair evaluation by highly skilled judges. If you would like to inquire about any Certified Judges please contact the AWS National Office at We will put you in contact with the judge or judges you are interested in and provide any additional information you need to understand the benefit of using AWS Certified Judges.


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